Oh wow.  Amazing flavours.  I was literally whimpering with pleasure when I was eating and wish I didn’t live on completely the other side of Amsterdam to Terang Boelan.  I’ve wanted to try this place for years but tend only to be in the area on Saturdays and it’s closed then.  Patricia Jacobs raved about it in her blog Amsterdam Bites to Die For… HERE  so I eventually got around to trying the palce and the food is spectacular.  This is a small family business and the owner and chief cook, Mr Taufik Rachman, has been keeping his loyal, local customers happy since 1994.

I chose 2 types of chicken, and 2 types of beef, in both cases, one spicy and one more coconut based, but, still spicy with a spicy bean salad and rice.  That turned into 2 very generous plates of food for 17 euros in total, what a bargain.  If you are self-catering in the Jordaan try this early in your stay so you can go again.  Alternatively get them to warm up your food and have a picnic on the side of a neary canal.

I really really look forward to trying everything on the menu!  Speaking of which, HERE is a link to the menu.


Mondat to Friday: 3pm to 9pm,

Saturday: Closed

Suday: 3:30pm to 9pm

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