Best Burger in Town

A great burger is easy to find in Amsterdam so when I met Dizzee, a chef at Omelegg, and he confidently told me that he was going to be the chef at a new burger joint in Amsterdam and was going make the best burger in town I thought he was setting the bar quite high for himself .  I am always iup for a great burger so when I heard, completely independently, from an old friend in Amsterdam that he had eaten the best burger in his life at a new place in the Jan Pieter Heijenstraat, my ears pricked up.  “Was that at Soul Burger by any chance?”  It was so I leapt on my scooter and dashed across town to try them.

The burgers were brilliant.  We shared 2 menu sets, one Smokey Beef with bacon, fried onions and Scarmoza Itallian cheese which was succulent and full of flavour, the other, Hit the Road Chicken, chicken wth bacon, cheddar and a lovely sweetish chutney that triggered all sorts of taste buds.  My friend preferred the chicken for the flavour, I preferred the beef for the flavour and the juiciness.  The burgers are the type that you can hold in your hands and actually get in your mouth to take a bite which is what I think a burger is all about.   So yeah,  these Soul Burgers really hit the spot.

The fries were amazing.  Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and just so damn pleasant to bite into, and moreish.  Plan for next time… share a lamb burger and beetroot veggie burger with fries!  I heard today that they are introducing sweet potato fries next week so I will also be dropping ny to sample those, with the beetroot burger I think :o)

They don’t have a website but you can get opening times and the menu on their facebook page HERE! 

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