I wish I had known about this place earlier.  It’s fab, the owner for 15 years, Sean, keeps up a constant welcoming  banter with his regular customers who pop in to pick up, or to tuck, into their lunches. It is small and perfect for a quick drop by light lunch on the go.  There are 3 window counter tables with bar type stools and a small cosy corner sofa.  Outside are 3 recessed benches which must be great in the summer.

The salads look awesome and the cakes will definitely tempt me back.  What I tried out last week were two of the sandwiches but to call them sandwiches doesn’t do them justice.  The turkey, bacon, tomato & mustard mayo on thick sturdy brown bread was fantastic and the warm ciabatta with prosciutto, ricotta and oven dried tomatoes absolutely perfect.

Small World Catering is at Binnen Oranjestraat 14, one street back from the vibrant Haarlemmerdijk, here is the map and below the website…