This is the big daddy of museums in the country in a beautifully restored building, just reopened after a 10 year renovation.   To see everything in the museum would take about 5 days so you really need to choose a period.  1600 to 1700 covers the top floor and includes the famous stuff like Rembrandt’s Nightwatch and Vermeer’s Milk Maid.  Amongst the paintings, the museum has other objects on display from the same period which makes for a richer and more varied experience: furniture, armour, models, dolls houses, the list is almost endless.  Be sure to see the library accessed from the 1st floor or viewed from the 2nd floor.  There are smaller modern art sections on the 3rd floor which are well worth a look in.  In the vast basement there are extensive collections of china, guns, dresses, jewellery, glasses, locks, keys, model ships…

Open daily 09h00 to 17h00, tickets €15.00, under 18s free.

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