This tour should really be called ‘A tour based on the book Amsterdam: A History of the World’s Most Liberal City by Russell Shorto’ .

In Mr Shorto’s words:  “Mark Law is hands-down the best tour guide of Amsterdam. And I don’t say that just because he uses my book. Honestly! He invited me to join a tour based on my book and, lo and behold, I learned a lot from it. He wove together my research and his own nook-and-cranny knowledge of Amsterdam. The result is lively, funny, and deeply historical.

At present this tour is only available as a Private Tour, meaning it will only be you and your party, I prefer groups to be no larger than 10 people so that discussion is easy but can go to 15 people at a push.  The tour takes 4 hours and costs 250 euros.

This is a history tour, not a general sightseeing tour although we see lots of the city!  The content is flexible and I encourage you to read the book before coming on the tour.  Let me know when you book a tour what you are particularly interested in and I will try and create a route and content that takes in your areas of interest.

The tour covers:

Early beginnings of the city, water as threat, innovation with dike building and land reclamation, water as an opportunity – herring, competition with Hansa League and emergence as a European trading power, the Dutch East Indies Company, it’s establishment, rise and fall, the first Stock Market, the first Central Bank, the West Indies Company, New Amsterdam, New York, early settlers, the influence of old Amsterdam on New Amsterdam and New York, the influence of the Dutch in England in the 1600s, the decline of the Dutch Republic, the House of Orange, a look at the philosophers who have shaped thinking here, Descartes, Spinoza, Multatuli, the French period, Brief coverage of WWII and then the emergence of counter culture movements in Amsterdam, squatting, Provo, political engagement of the post war generation and how they set the agenda for the decades that have followed, current problems in the country, political instability, the failure of multi-culturalism, tolerating intolerance, Ayaan HIrsi Ali, integration or lack thereof of conservative cultures into liberal Dutch culture…. and whatever else you want to talk about!

Please email me with your required dates or queries and I will get back to you:

You can phone me but my phone is on silent when I am giving a tour so leave a message and I will ring you back.  My number is +31627269604

Thanks for looking!