I never realised that quite so much of the inspiringly designed furniture that I have hankered after for so many years but has always remained stubbornly beyond the reach of my wallet was created by the same person… Marcel Wanders.  His work is so beautiful in so many ways.  I love his use of everyday objects or materials in surprising combinations or applications.  I often get that feeling of: ‘what a brilliant, but simple idea, I could have thought of that… but didn’t!’  The next thought is: ‘maybe I could make it… but probably I couldn’t.’

The most sensible thing then is to go to the Stedelijk Museum and just drink it all in and enjoy.  I walked through the ‘White Zone’ first, which encircles the central Black Zone.  The White Zone explores 10 recurring theme in Wanders’ work.  Entering the Black Zone I felt a flush of excitement start from the centre of my chest and move in a wave outwards  as an unexpected fantasy world delights and surprises at every turn.

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Entry into the museum gives you access to everything, the above exhibition as well as the permanent collection :o)