At last I have found a Thai restaurant that I can really rave about.  Kinnaree is superb.  I tend to judge Thai places on the quality of their Tom Yum Kung and the Laab Ped and this is the first time I have found the duck laab made properly here in Amsterdam, with duck breast that is minced raw and then cooked as it should be, not just a chopped up already cooked duck breast as they do it now in so many other Thai places I have tried recently.  The roasted ground rice flavour was just right, it was well spiced and good lemon grass and shallot flavours coming through too.  The papaya and beef salads were also excellent, spicy as they should be and the beef incredibly tender.  The soup was crammed with flavour.  It felt like I was back in Thailand .  This place has firmly knocked the other Thai restaurants off my website.  I read about this place on a fab blog by Patricia Jacob, an Amsterdam journalist with a passion for food.  Check it out here:

Book, I couldn’t believe how it filled up within 45 minutes of opening time, full of locals and in can see why.

Kitchen open daily from 17h30 and closes at 22h00 (22h30 on Fri and Sat)

Phone for reservations from 15h30.

Tel  020 6277153

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Kinnaree Eat Eerste Anjeliersdwarsstraat 14 Excellent Thai Food