The name means ‘The Eleventh Commandment’, named after a no longer made Belgian beer.  I love this place, it is a very dark and cosy brown cafe style rugs on the tables kind of place where I plan to spend many winter hours in beer fueled meandering chats.  They have loads of beers by bottle and about 8 on tap so plenty to choose from.  The owner is really knowledgeable and helpful if you are struggling to make a choice from the beer menu.  My personal favourite and I’m certainly not alone here is the Karmeliet Triple that they have on tap.  It is a strong, smooth, slightly creamy, slightly citrusy, PERFECT beer!  Careful though, they are strong and have a kick so 2 or 3 do the trick.

On Tripadvisor many people didn’t like the smoking policy but that is old news now, it has been a non-smoking bar since April 2013.

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