Greetje is a lovely small high quality restaurant that serves a wide selection of interesting Dutch food… The Dutch in the Golden Age had an amazingly rich and varied cuisine and took their feasting extremely seriously.  Greetje does justice to that old tradition so, move over pea and ham soup and basic stampot, hutspot with a meatball, below is a dip into the menu to tempt you.  The menu changes seasonally so on my visit a fe nights ago I had braised  veal steak, a friend had truffel infused pork, and another excellent main course was a combo of confit of duck leg with a smoked duck breast.  All 3 of those are pictured above.

Toasted sandwich of Frysian sugar bread with home-style duck liver pâté and homemade apple syrup.  This is absolutely amazing and their all time great starter.

Grilled veal loin of ‘Waterland Wealth’ with mash of potatoes and endive with melted duck liver

Roasted fillets of red mullet with white wine sauce, fried beetroot, salad of chicory and oven roasted Opperdoezer Rounds(potatoes)

Dutch lamb chops with gravy and heather honey, ‘lamb ears’in Zeeland manner(vegetables from the sea) and potato pie with rosemary

Crème brûlée with extract of licorice with black licorice ice cream

Greetje’s homemade vanilla custard with yoghurt ice cream, strawberry sauce

See what In mean?  When I dined here I pushed the boat out and went for the big tasting menu where you get a sample of each starter and each dessert with one main course in the middle.  The tasting menu with the extra option on the starter cost 54 euros per person but you get a lot of food and a huge array of flavours and can definitely say you tried a lot of varied Dutch cuisine.  The Frisian sugar bread with duck liver will definitely get me back there for more.

Click here for high quality Dutch cuisine at Greetje to their English website for a virtual tour, the history of the place, as well as the menu.

Open daily 6pm to 10pm and on Saturday 6pm to 11pm

Tel  +31 (0) 20 – 77 97 450

Greetje is just on the edge of the old centre on the quieter side and a beautiful area to wander through on the way to dinner.

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